Top 5 Summer Beauty Must-Haves!

Whether you battle breakouts, frizz, or sleep deprivation, we have you covered for a flawless Summer! See below for our top 5 must-haves from some of our top 5 barre-bies!



Must-Have: Charcoal Soap.

“I never had an issue with break-outs until I entered the downward slope of my 30s. After trying countless products, I found that charcoal soap both calmed my skin and healed my breakouts faster than other cleansers. I’ve tried a few different brands at different price-points. So far, Beauty Counter is my fave because it’s not as harsh or drying as others”.

Click HERE to get a bar! They also make a mask!




Must-Have: Dove Mousse For Curly Hair

“This is great for my curls. It doesn’t make them “crunchy” or greasy. And no frizz”!

Available at most drug stores and also HERE!




Must-Have: Arbonne Cream Concealer

“I love this product because it hides the under eye circles and puffiness around my eyes from being up all night with a new baby, covers up any blemishes or spots on my face, and gives me consistent smooth coverage that doesn’t get shiny and lasts all day without needing touchups… Even through my workouts!”

Hide those puffy eyes by clicking HERE or asking your resident Arbonne Rep!




Must-Have: Clarisonic Face Brush

“I love my Clarisonic brush because my skins feels so clean after I use it! It also is like getting a mini face massage in my shower! It helps to brighten and tone my skin – while also providing the deep clean I need, especially after my workouts”!

Get your mini spa experience HERE!BlueMiaLG-NEW2 (2)



Must-Have: Too-Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara

“I love this mascara because you don’t have to layer it on to get full eyelashes! You can add as much volume as you want, but one coat still gives you tons of volume! It’s the bomb”.

Va-voom those lashes HERE!



What are some of your Must-Haves?! Let us know by commenting below!

The Skinny on Snacking

Keeping your diet on track during the colder winter months can be a daunting task. A cold salad isn’t quite as tempting in 20 degree temps as it is on a summer afternoon, BUT one of the best tricks to keep you from derailing and grabbing Chick-fil-a is…snacking! It is so important to keep your blood sugar levels constant in order to keep you from getting too hungry and rationalizing a not-so-healthy food option because you are quote-on-quote ‘starving’ or ‘hangry’. Through trial and error (and multiple last minute Fresh Market runs) we have found quick, on the go snack options that are satisfying and flavorful. See below to get the skinny on snacking….


-Bars: Admittedly, it can be really tricky to find a bar that is actually good for you. Sugars can be disguised as ‘sugar alcohols’ and many bars have a not so desirable calorie and fat content. Our favs are the Chia Warrior bars (only 110 calories), because these bars are super easy to throw in your purse or gym bag and eat on the run. We feel the same about Lara Bars..undoubtedly the most desirable ingredients of any bar. The sugar content is higher then some, but its derived from dates so its all natural and easier for your body to digest. Plus, with all of the yummy flavors they offer you really can never get bored. Personal Fav: coconut cream pie!RAU_1045

-La Croix: Pretty sure our obsession with these drinks are obvious, but you really can’t beat a zero calorie carbonated beverage. We realize chugging water all day can be boring and sometimes you just want a little fizz. These are a great soda fix and they actually hydrate you, double bonus.RAU_1050

-Nut Butters: While there is nothing wrong with peanut butter, we are partial to almond butter. We LOVE Justin’s brand because not only do they taste great, but they come in size portioned packages that help you not get out of control, but are also convenient to throw in a bag.RAU_1065

-Other mentionables include: apples (a great pairing for the almond butter), clementines, raw nuts and seeds (pumpkin seeds are SO good for you), eggs (think protein), guac (pre-portioned packages are the best), green tea, avocado (cut in half,add salsa, sprinkle sunflower seeds,drizzle balsamic, viola!)


Happy snacking barre-bies!

Comment below with your favorite healthful snacks!

Job Requirements: Top Knot


Just in time for Monday Bunday, we bring you…. the 10 second top knot. Do you ever see the girls with the ‘effortless buns’ that you know good and damn well took them 1/2 an hour to create?! Us too, and let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that. Truth be told, the perfect top knot is one that is quick, easy, and STAYS PUT while you work out.

Here we go…

Workout’s newest trend, The Half Bun. You either love it, or think it resembles your six-year old self, but here it is. (By the way, we love it and often wear it beyond the studio).

  1. You MUST have the proper supplies. Lucky for you the only item that is slightly pricey, but also the MOST IMPORTANT is the hairspray. Aveda Air Control is by far the best light-hold spray – it adds texture, isn’t sticky, and smells delicious. As a hairspray connoisseur, I have tried too many to count, and always go back to this one. Tip for thick hair: Double up on pony tail holders on both the 1/2 and full bun so that your pony tail stays tight!
  2. Create the 1/2 pony. You want the side parts of the 1/2 pony to hit at about the 1/2 way point of your eyebrows to prevent from grabbing too much, or too little hair. When in doubt, less is more.

3. Back-comb the pony to create texture. Split the pony in 1/2, SLOWLY back comb to create texture. This is what helps prevent the little spriggly wiggly hair from sticking out and also helps keep the bun secure.

4. Wrap and pin.  The wrap might take a hot minute to master, but the key is to not wrap too tightly. Press your left hand down on the bun as you wrap with the right, simply secure with a bobby pin or two in the back, then place one pin in the very front to keep the bun flat to your head and secure.

5. SPRAY with your Aveda Air Control and voila! For added volume hold out the hair around the part and add a few sprays so that it’s not flat to your head.

And now for the main event…. THE TOP KNOT.

Don’t worry, we actually saved the easiest for last. Keys to ensuring a perfect top knot – double up the pony tail holders and make sure that your pony tail placement is on point.

  1. Once securing the ponytail, when looking straight into the mirror, you should be able to see the pony tail holder and approximately 1 inch of volume.
  2. Back comb the pony starting on the inside. Split the pony into two sections, SLOWLY back comb the inside of the pony, then repeat with the other half
  3. Wrap slowly, pressing down on the hair with your opposite hand, being careful not to wrap too tightly.

  4. Place one to two pins in the back (do not cross the pins), and wrap the tail end around placing one to two pins in the front.
  5. SPRAY with your Aveda Air Control, and bam. You’re ready to hit the barre.

How’d you do?! Tag @neighborhood_barre and #mondaybunday to show us your effortless barre style!


photos by Sarah Rau, Social Media Specialist

New Year, New Us..

The ladies of NB are bringing you a couple of our New Year’s resolutions, fashionably late of course. Apart from the overall resolution to stay faithful to our blog post in 2016 we wanted to share a few of our personal resolutions via myself, Anna, Hallie and Katy. See below:

Madison:madison.png1. be present…disconnect from technology/social media a few hours each week and weekend. Let the people I am with know the are my current priority!

2. learn to budget….still haven’t figured that one out/been able to kick my Starbucks habit, whoops.

3. travel more, there are so many places I am dying to check off my bucket list and there is no time like the present starting with a ski trip to Breckinridge, CO!


1. eat healthier!! Sugar sugar sugar. Definitely need to cut back on that stuff.

2. get organized… Starting with my car. I live in that thing.

3. learn to cook… and not just macaroni from the box

Hallie:hallie 2

1. be more mindful of sugar … I LOVE Sugar.

2. dont drink my calories. I love water but at meals I usually want tea. Or Starbucks in the middle of the day, venti! I’ve found if I do hot water and lemon at meals I do much better.

3. meal planning… I used to be much more creative in the kitchen, now I wait to go to the grocery after my last class and just wander the aisles. So I need to prepare and play in the cookbooks ahead of time.

4. shock the body!! One thing I love about barre is it changes everyday! I want to keep moving and keep pushing my body to do more and get out of the comfort zone

1. travel more – I have given up a lot of opportunities to see and do things over the past 4 years, which is a sacrifice I had to make to give as much of my time as possible to my business. This year I will work on balance, trust, and letting my self ‘turn it off’ (occasionally) in an effort to reduce stress and increase my mental health.

2. be more mindful about nourishing my body – i have the physical aspect down, but will work on fueling my body vs. feeding my body. We all go through ups and downs with diet, I hope to remain on the up-swing in 2016.

3. let the little things go – it’s easy to get wrapped up and consumed by meaningless annoyances and senseless negativity. Attempting to practice the art of ‘rising above’ these things, and focusing more on the big picture.


We are so excited for 2016 and what it has in store!! Let us know your goals!

The Bottomless Pit || a.k.a. Katy’s ‘Gym’ Bag

You most likely will not see Katy toting around a gym bag; you will, however, probably find her with an oversized purse on her shoulder, holding all of her essentials. Amongst the crumpled Post-Its, half eaten granola bars, mail, and bobby pins (hello, Monday Bunday) you will find a few items you’ll want to grab on your next run to the store..see below:

katys bag

Aveda aircontrol hairspray: perfect for a quick fluff in between classes, plus..its lightweight and smells great.

Dr. Jart Highlighter & Concealer: “I put it under my eyes to brighten me up after a long day…I should probably put some on now”- Quotes from Katy

NARS blush/bronzer combo: We can’t all have time to contour between classes, but this double duty will put the color back to your cheeks after a tired day of typing, tucking, and talking.

Daily Juice Kickstarter: made with lemon, agave and cayenne, it truly is the ‘kickstart’ you need to start your day on the right foot. Not only will it suppress your appetite and speed up your metabolism, it tastes delicious and is the original to it’s pseudo drink, “beyonce-aid”.

Macbook Air/iPhone: the Macbook’s light and portableI design makes it uber easy to set up shop on the go . You will also never see Katy without her other trusty work device – her phone! Actually, if you do, she is probably lost or been robbed, so help her.

Hermes bangle: “because everyone needs a chic accessory” – Katy

Meet Amber // Meet Amber’s Gym Bag

Meet Amber// 

Resident Neighborhood Barre extraordinaire and co-star of Barre Skinny Vol. 1 & 2.
amber headshot

Meet Amber’s ‘Gym Bag’//use this one

Curious to see what this long-time barre-bie carries in her super chic Milly bag? Us, we took a peek inside to find out!

Here are the essentials…

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo: This stuff is perfect if your locks need a refresher but you’re in a time crunch (i.e. you have dinner plans at 7:00 but you HAD to go to 5:30 barre because your sanity depends on it).

2. Chia Bar: These bars are small and mighty (only 100 calories with 4 grams of protein!). The chocolate peanut butter flavor is delicious, and the chia seeds keep you feeling fuller for longer than most 100 calorie bars.

3. Lilly Pulitzer planner: This planner is a great way to keep up with everything from work to play. *Side note- I only write in mechanical pencil…life is always changing and it’s nice to be able to erase a mistake every once in a while 😉

4. Mineral Fusion Powder SPF 30: My skin has never reacted well to facial sunscreens, so this product has been a game-changer for me. The mineral powder controls oily skin and provides protection from the sun.

5. Almay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads: There’s nothing cute about eye makeup running down your face during/after a sweaty workout. These pads are great at removing makeup without adding more oil to the surface of your skin.

6. Clean and Clear Hydrating Gel Moisturizer: This stuff is like a drink of water for your face. It’s a perfect way to wake my skin up before teaching a 6 a.m. class

Fighting the Headache Battle With Neighborhood Barre

hallie 2 With Summer allergies rearing their ugly head, it’s not uncommon to be feeling a little more achy this time of year. For those of you who suffer from headaches, this one’s for you. Resident instructor Hallie Wallen shares how exercise has helped her to better cope and manage chronic migraines via NEIGHBORHOOD barre classes and their combination of:

  • getting my heart rate up in the always stellar warmups
  • forward folds and downward movements to increase blood flow
  • the unique workout that, in general, lowered my blood pressure through the constricting/contracting of my blood vessels

Read more about Hallie’s story here: “Living in East Tennessee you are likely to either suffer from migraines or know someone who does. East Tennessee ranks as one of the highest concentration of migraine sufferers in the country. I myself have been diagnosed with chronic migraines….. BUT I discovered Neighborhood barre and it has helped tremendously with my migraine “hygiene”. Low impact exercises (you should avoid jarring exercises such as running) that still maintain a cardio element are proven to reduce migraines. When I started coming to NB I noticed a significant decrease in my number of migraine days. Even on days when I had a migraine I still pushed myself to go to help reduce the pain. It works!hallie blog 2 I have tried other low-impact exercises and barre-based classes, but I did not get the same benefit due to the imbalance of cardio vs. strength training. Neighborhood Barre classes seem to balance this perfectly to maximize the benefits of both. Still doubtful? When I began NB I was taking more than a handful of medicine everyday, referred to as prophylactics. Exercise stimulates your body to release natural pain controlling chemicals called endorphins and natural anti-depressant chemicals called enkephalins. NB allowed me to embark on a well planned exercise program that enabled me to reduce my drug intake, particularly those drugs taken daily to prevent migraines (prophylactic medicine). Now I take only ONE pill a day! I encourage you to come try the health benefits of NB for yourself.” -Hallie

Meet Your Bikini’s Newest Friend: Beyonc-Aid

Post-Fourth cookout (pig-out), we felt it appropriate to introduce you to our favorite summer vice, Beyonc-aid. The name is, of course, an ode to the Master Cleanse Diet Queen, Bey, who used this method to drop over 20lbs for Dreamgirls. However, instead of completely cutting solid foods out of the equation, we choose to be mindful of our choices throughout the day and use the drink to keep our appetite at bay.

Why we love it? It’s tasty, refreshing, and a natural diuretic to keep you from bloating in your swimmie. It also suppresses the appetite and boots the metabolism, which makes it extra useful as a morning juice. Try to drink a full serving before eating breakfast, then sip on it throughout the day to keep the puffiness away.

blog july 4 4


What you need: Lemons, a lemon press, stevia in the raw, cayenne pepper

For one Bkr bottle:

Press 2 Lemons, add 1-2 packs of Stevia, and a pinch of cayenne pepper (don’t be shy, the spicier the better).

For a full 1/2 gallon pitcher (pictured):

7 lemons, 6-7 packs of Stevia, 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Mix, chill, and enjoy 🙂

Summer Sippin’ Without The Cals!

We know all too well the struggle of derailing our diet and hard earned physique with a marg over mexican or frozen daiquiri beachside. With the help of our resident mixologist, Katy, we whipped up a few cocktails so you can have a social drink (or two) while sparing your waistline. See below….

Items you’ll need:

  • Muddled or torn mint (you have to at least chop or tear the leaves to get the mint effervescence to come out)
  • Ice
  • 1 oz of Deep Eddy Grapefruit Vodka – Why we love it: it’s a hip brand out of Austin,Texas that uses REAL ingredients. This is not a simple syrup fake grapefruit, rather, it’s distilled 4x with grapefruit to give it the color and flavor). Available at Admiral Wine and Spirits at The Northshore Town Center (like them on Facebook here).
  • Lacroix Grapefruit flavored sparkling water or Club Soda. We recommend Club Q (also available at AWS) because there is no sodium or additives, only crisp bubbles – and a lot of them.

blog july 4 1blog july 4 3blog july 4 2So tasty you would never guess it’s only 65 calories….

Never fear..if you aren’t into cocktails our FAVE beer is Skinny Dip by New Belgium. At only 114 calories a pop it packs a ton of flavor and will not disappoint!

blog july 4

5 Tips To Staying On Track This Summer

Erica Hopper, of Simple Bites Gourmet is a mom, marathon runner, and chef who knows a thing or two about healthy living. It’s easy to fall off the wagon this time of year… helloooooo, tis the season for beers, burgers, and hot dogs! Here to save us from ourselves, she’s given us her top 5 tips for staying on track this Summer!  View More:

Yes!  Summer is FINALLY here!  Winter in Knoxville was brutal this year.  We were stuck inside, snowed out of barre class (what?!), and spent way too many days without power.  Now that it’s nice and toasty outside, it’s time to add a little nutrition to all those tucks.

It can be a little tough to maintain healthy eating habits when there are countless backyard barbecues, afternoons on the lake, and weddings to attend.  Have no fear, though.  All you need to do is practice a little mindful eating, and use a few tricks to sneak in your fruits and veggies.

Here are my top 5 tips for staying healthy this summer:

  1. Smoothies- This is a great way to clean out your fridge, use some summery fruits, and sneak in some greens.  My favorite is mixed berries, frozen spinach, banana, a little almond butter, your favorite protein powder, and some unsweetened almond milk.  Throw in a little ice, and whir it up!  (***I sometimes use frozen fruit instead of ice, for a creamier “milkshake-like” texture)
  2. Visit the Farmer’s Market-Not only is the farmer’s market a fun family activity, but eating local is the way to go.  You will be supporting a local business, and eating fruits and vegetables at their peak.  The longer veggies sit on the shelf in the grocery store, the less nutritional value they contain.  By purchasing local produce, you can rest assured that what you are getting is fresh picked.
  3. “Spiralize”-Instead of using heavy pasta, use a spiralizer (or veghetti machine…I’ve heard it both ways) to make “noodles” out of that zucchini you purchased from your local farmer.  Not only is it something fun and different, but it’s a lighter option to pasta.
  4. Grow Your Own Herbs-How many times have your bought a bunch of parsley, only to find it smashed to smithereens in your veggie drawer the following week?  I will admit that I am not a seasoned gardener, but I love looking out of my kitchen window and seeing the fresh herbs growing.  It saves loads of money at the grocery store, and I know I will always have fresh herbs to add to any grilled chicken, fish, or vinaigrette.
  5. Get Your Kids Involved-It’s summer!  Kids are off school, and they are probably already calling you during the day because they’re bored and looking to you for something fun to do.  If they’re old enough to use a knife, get them to help you prep veggies for the week.  If they’re not quite dexterous enough yet, let them help you measure ingredients or pick beans…again using those local farmer’s market finds!  Another fun activity to do with kids-homemade popsicles.  Use fresh produce, and sneak in some spinach or kale.  Puree with some coconut milk for creamy pops.

See, healthy eating can be a fun-filled, family activity!  Just do a little planning, and don’t forget to support your local farmers.

View More:

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